2M is constantly looking for new special alloys with ever higher performances and more and more innovative technical solutions to meet customer needs on time and in the best way.
The 2M foundry in Cremona has a production capacity ranging from 6 to 10 tonnes of molten liquid per day. Specialised professionals follow all stages of the production processes.

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Foundry Manufacturing

Centrifugal casting pipe, moulding and precision castings

Precision castings

supplying precise lost-wax castings

Thanks to long-standing partnerships, 2M is capable of supplying precise lost-wax castings.

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production wide range of static castings

2M has the latest generation systems for the production of a wide range of static castings.

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production centrifuged steel tubes

The 2M foundry offers an extremely flexible production of centrifuged steel tubes in a wide range of sizes and lengths.

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Our Products
foundry processing
Ethics Certification.

2M Foundry has obtained the Certificate of Social Ethics Certification. A qualifying starting point from all points of view which demonstrates and attests to the company's attention to ethical and social issues. It alone distinguishes us from the competition.

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2M in the world

2M is present in various countries both in Europe and worldwide, and has a further objective of short-medium term growth on international markets. 
The company is available for contact or consultation requests.

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