2M Steel Foundry

Steel foundry since 1994

Based in Cremona, 2M Foundry’s products are suitable across various market sectors: mechanical, iron and steel, petrochemical, incinerators, energy, food and cement industries.
The company is able to offer adequate production support and provide appropriate consultancy to offer the best solution for each type of application in terms of manufacturing and raw material.
The manufacturing has a unit with electric induction furnaces each with different capacities, up to 4000 kg in total. Thanks to modern production facilities and the most up-to-date quality control equipment, 2M Fonderia is able to produce castings and molten tubes for particular uses in high temperatures, in corrosive environments, or in conditions particularly subject to wear. Indeed, 2M allows you to choose from a wide range of alloys and can supply rough or processed parts. The behaviour and duration of the blasting depend on the mix obtained thanks to a correct choice of the alloy together with the design of the piece itself.
All processes in the foundry industry strictly comply with the indications of the company-customer and are evaluated and checked according to strict quality standards.

2M Foundry

The 2M Foundry was founded in 2004 with the specialised production of particular cast steel; it is located in Northern Italy in the province of Cremona on a site of 15,000 square meters.
From the outset, it has established itself as a reliable supplier in Italy and abroad, mainly in Europe, and for compliance with the highest quality standards and delivery sechedules.

2m Foundry mission

Our mission is to be at customer's side in a collaborative, partnership relationship rather than in a customer-supplier chain. 2M is constantly looking for new special alloys with ever higher performances and more and more innovative technical solutions to meet customer needs on time and in the best way.
The main assets on which the company philosophy is based are attention to customers and their needs, proactive optimisation of the manufacturing processes in the foundry and the products, and careful choice of high quality raw materials.

2m Foundry Warehouse

The company has its own raw materials storage warehouse, so that it can respond quickly to production needs in the short to medium term.
This choice, from the perspective of the partnership with the customer, means that we are able to provide a rapid and punctual service and respond to the needs of a market that increasingly rewards flexibility along with quality.

Social Ethics Certification

The Social Ethics Certification is an opportunity to stand out in the market and from the competition, to improve and to appraise oneself from another point of view. In order to obtain the social ethics certification, the human aspects of the company and the ethical responsibility of the organisation are explored in depth.

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