Centricast Steel Tubes

Centricast Steel Tubes

Manufacturing steel centrifugal casting pipe

The 2M foundry offers an extremely flexible production of centrifuged steel tubes, in a wide range of sizes and lengths.

Every possibility given by the tube readily becomes a new potential proposal for improvement for new or existing plants; from the raw tube, cut to size, to the designed machined ferrules, radiant tubes and transport and handling rollers inside heat treatment or lamination furnaces. 

It starts with a pre-varnished rotating shell in which the molten metal is poured. The centrifugal force pushes the metal on the shell wall, which forms the tube, keeping the impurities inside where it is easier to remove them. The processing then requires cooling times that vary according to thickness, before proceeding with extraction.

Then the process is continued with sandblasting to clean the piece of its surface imperfections and paint residues. A rough tube is obtained which can then be cut or worked on, according to request with specific operations such as drilling, roughing and internal or external finishing. 

Once processed, the piece can be assembled or subjected to heat treatments; otherwise the final standard tests are carried out immediately: chemical analysis, visual-dimensional analysis, analysis with penetrating liquids and PMI (Positive Material Identification) analysis. 

At the request of the customer or due to the internal process qualification procedure, further tests can be performed outside of 2M. These include X-rays, hot or cold mechanical tests and ultrasounds. 

Steel Centrifugal Casting Pipe
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