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Centricast Steel Tubes

Manufacturing steel centrifugal casting pipe

Centrifugal casting pipes 2M produces extremely flexible centricast steel tubes, in a wide range of dimensions and lengths.

Centricasts turn each of their applications into a new potential means of improvement for both new and pre-existing plants; from the rough, cut-to-measure tube to the customised bushes, radiating tubes, conveyor rolls for handling operations inside the furnaces.

The first step is a pre-varnished rotating shell into which the molten metal is poured. The centrifugal force makes metal adhere to the sides of the shell thus forming the tube whilst keeping impurities inside, from where they can be easily removed. Centrifugally cast tube The process then requires cooling down for a time varying according to the casting’s thickness: the first cooling phase takes from 2 to 30 minutes before extraction of the part, and subsequently complete cooling requires from 5 to 24 hours. After cooling, imperfections and varnish residues are removed from the casting surface by sandblasting. A rough tube is thus obtained that can then be cut or machined according to the Client’s specific requirements, by drilling, rough grinding, internal and external finishing.

Testing quality steel tubes After machining, the cast part can be assembled or subject to heat treatments, or pass directly to the final standard inspection and testing: chemical analysis, visual and dimensional analysis, liquid penetration analysis and PMI (positive material identification).

Further testing can be performed by external laboratories upon the request of the Client or specific procedures for certification of 2M’s internal processes. These testing may include X-rays, hot or cold mechanical tests and ultrasound.