Castings for the petrochemical industry

Intermediate tube plates for furnaces in the petrochemical industry. 
Supports and guides for supporting tube plates or individual tubes. 
Vertical supports for tubes in the convective section.
Parts for assembling radiant sections of furnaces for petrochemical applications.
Anchoring supports.
Support levers

Rollers for heat treatment furnaces

Rollers for continuous processing furnaces, galvanizing plants and hot rolling mills.

Radiant tubes

Radiant tubes for continuous treatment furnaces and hot rolling mills.

Equipment for heat treatments and incinerators

Grids, baskets, complete equipment and fans for applications in heat treatment furnaces.
Plates and fire bars for incinerators.

Cast material conveyor belts

Wire mesh conveyor belts for transporting small parts to heat treatment plants.

Lowerings and walking beams

Lowerings, walking beams and columns for cart furnaces and heat treatment of tubes, plates and bars.
Riders for walking beam furnaces.

Precision castings

Parts cast in precision process for different temperature applications