Special steel manufacturing

The first phase, in both processes, is the preparation of steel and its melting and casting. The processes in the foundry then continue with two distinct processes: centrifugation and moulding. 

The two types of machining, centrifugation and moulding, are complementary. 

Centrifugation is done to obtain custom-made cylindrical pieces with specific quantities and materials. 

With moulding, we can obtain pieces of any shape and chemical composition. 

The 2M foundry in Cremona has a production capacity ranging from 6 to 10 tonnes of molten liquid per day. Specialised professionals follow all stages of the production processes.

Foundry Manufacturing
Precision castings

Thanks to long-standing partnerships, 2M is capable of supplying precise lost-wax castings. To produce these precision parts it is necessary to make a mould by ...

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2M has the latest generation systems for the production of a wide range of static castings. The plant has few dimensional limitations and guarantees high productivity.

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2M Fonderia of Cremona offers an extremely flexible production of centrifuged steel tubes, in a wide range of sizes and lengths.

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Social Ethics Certification

The Social Ethics Certification is an opportunity to stand out in the market and from the competition, to improve and to appraise oneself from another point of view. In order to obtain the social ethics certification, the human aspects of the company and the ethical responsibility of the organisation are explored in depth.

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